“Agreement”: These terms and conditions apply between you the User of this online web portal (including any sub-domians, unless expressly excluded by their own terms and conditions) and the owner and operator of this web portal. Please read these terms and conditions carefully, as they affect your legal rights.

From the date of this Agreement (sign up); to manage the donations through the sales of BillyChip and to exchange the chip in return for goods to the agreed minimum.

BillyChip CIC will:

• Supply Billy Chips and Point of Sale / Marketing materials per store (subject to availability)
• Pay / credit / offset the Partner an agreed amount the maximum of £1 for every Billy Chip redeemed
• Feature the Partners brand on our website and social media platforms
• Reconcile sales and redemptions on a monthly basis, which may be automated through a bespoke web portal/application or software
• Periodically circulate a newsletter / updates regarding performance of the BillyChip project and where the donations have been administered.
• Issue a Stock form on each delivery of Billy Chips and agree the sales price value per Chip
• The BillyChip item (the chip) is owned by BillyChip CIC at all times. BillyChip will not be responsible or held liable for any damage or harm conflicted on any person/s or property from the misuse of the BillyChip other than its original intentions as currency for barter.
• Will not be responsible for any liability against any HMRC items that the Outlet has to account for.

The Outlet will:

• BillyChips must be stored by a safe and secure means i.e. the cash register or a locked drawer.
• Charge the agreed fee per BillyChip sold, all funds received per chip MUST be donated to BillyChip CIC
• Irrevocably accept The BillyChip in lieu of cash / card payment (or any other method of tender) when presented and serve the BillyChip holder with eligible products to the minimum agreed level (take away hot or cold drink of the bearers choice). Multiple chips can be redeemed against higher value products at your discretion .
• Must sell a product which is redeemable against a BillyChip which must be of benefit to the holder.
• Not exchange the BillyChip against any licenced product, or exchanged for cash, vouchers or credit note.
• The BillyChip holder (the person redeeming the chip at the store) at the discretion of the Outlet must be an individual/s deemed to be of “low means”.
• Display the BillyChip window sticker and other Point of Sale / Marketing material supplied
• Request additional BillyChips as required and use best endeavours to have a stock of BillyChips to sell.
• Reconcile sales and redemptions on a monthly basis which may be automated through a bespoke Web portal/application or software and pay balance within 10 days of invoice.


Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving each other 30 days written notice. During this notice period all unsold or redeemed chips held by the Outlet must be immediately returned to BillyChip CIC, all funds received by the Partner must be immediately paid to BillyChip CIC and all balances by all parties must be paid immediately in full with no set offs, also return and or remove all marketing materials provided.